| 3 Rules to Follow Before Implementing Gamification
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3 Rules to Follow Before Implementing Gamification

3 Important Rules to Follow Before You Implement Gamification for Your Customers or Subscribers

Gamification is an effective way to encourage more participation and engagement from your customers and subscribers without them even realizing what is happening. They’re playing a fun game, and you’re getting more information, educating them on a topic, and making more sales while making more connections. It’s a win-win.

There are three important rules to follow before you implement gamification for your customers and subscribers:

1. Consent

2. Rules

3. Fairness

Get Their Consent 

When you offer any type of gaming online – whether you’re using technology or you’re using old-school methods – it’s imperative that you have the consent of your audience to use the information that you gather during the game and that they know they’re playing a game, understand all the rules, and actively agree to the terms.

This is going to protect your business due to SPAM laws. Every time you encourage your audience to sign up for anything automated, be sure that they truly understand what happens to their information. Also, if monetary prizes are being given, ensure the statistically relevant information is provided so they can choose to play or not in an informed way. 

Know the Rules

It’s also important that you understand gamification rules on every platform you’re on. For example, are you even allowed to run a drawing-type game on your social media platforms in your state? In addition to ensuring you know the rules, you want to make sure the players understand them as well.

You’ll want the rules to be simple, even if your own rules for being able to play the games aren’t always clear. Making the results straightforward to your audience so that they understand what they’re doing is very important to ensure a joyful and pleasurable experience for your audience. 

Make It Fair 

If a game is unfair, the audience isn’t going to enjoy it or like it, even if the prizes are digital in nature and not real. The games need to work as described, and then you need to stick to the rules you made so that the game is fair. 

For example, if you have created a challenge that you’re going to implement and all participants have a chance at winning an iPad, then you need to be sure that everyone has an equal chance at winning so that it’s fair. If they point out something they find unfair, you must listen and change things as you can.

These three rules for gamification are essential for you to follow if you want to benefit from gamification in your business. After all, the point of gamifying your business is to increase engagement and boost sales.


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