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It’s time to ensure a successful launch with a custom marketing strategy.

We’re here to help with a business launch package and ongoing support. The business launch package includes naming, a logo, corporate identity package, website, social, business plan, and content combined: everything you need to get growing. You’ll have a cohesive strategy and design across all channels, plus all the ongoing support you need as you focus on building your business.

A core step is to work with you to create a customized business plan that will emphasize your business idea’s unique advantages and attractiveness, highlighting the market potential, investment returns, and competitiveness of your value proposition. The plan will include a go-to-market strategy that makes sense for your audience, industry, and goals. It could be a mix of product development, market research, branding, online and offline advertising, public relations, and content marketing. This plan will also inform the other pieces of the business launch package.

Our Business Launch Package has everything you will need.

From business naming, brand discovery, visual identity, design assets, website design and build, plus training and one-on-one support with a dedicated project manager and designer – we’ve got you covered.

We can also provide ongoing creative services after your business is launched through our Creative Services Retainer. You get to focus on running the business while we focus on your digital marketing and creative needs. We implement and manage everything.

business launch package

We know that new startups like yours
face challenges with:

Where there is a challenge,
there is also an opportunity.

Here’s how the unique creative services solutions offered by Creative Hive Labs will support your business growth.

The customized service we offer is key to ensuring your business can achieve optimum growth and outpace the market. Our team will take the time to understand more about your company and align our strategy to your goals for a unique fit. You can expect ongoing support and customer service, with regular performance reviews to allow you to see the impact of our work and provide opportunities for continuous improvement.

  • Develop a memorable brand
  • Gain digital traction quickly
  • Create a technical base to enable your team to excel
  • And most importantly, get to market quickly

We offer best-in-class pitch deck and business plan development.

We’re a hands-on partner ready to bring ideas to market, drive growth with data, and help you build a business that lasts. Our full-funnel approach turns insights into action at every step of the way. We help ideas become brands, and new brands develop opportunities, solve complex challenges, and imagine their value. We help you make better, more deliberate, more thoughtful decisions, from market insights to planning what’s next.

  • Aligning roles (e.g., sales, account management, product specialists, marketing, technical support, customer service) to deliver against the value proposition to customers
  • Assessing the allocation of resources, including sales, marketing, and other supporting functions, against strategic priorities
  • Evaluating existing or new go-to-market options based on strategic, commercial, and financial criteria
  • Mapping the distribution chain and the channel landscape economics in a sector
  • Modeling value chain economics for customers, intermediaries, and providers under alternative go-to-market scenarios
  • Specifically evaluating opportunities for companies to develop new, often technology-led designs to serve their customers directly, reducing or eliminating dependence on intermediaries.
  • Reviewing the structure and governance of the business functions to ensure strategic alignment and improve cost-efficiency

Support Services

Creative Hive Labs also offers a wide variety of services to support your new business. These include:

  • Webinar setup and promotion
  • PPC Advertising setup, design, and management
  • Lead magnet and eBook development
  • Product launch support for Product Hunt, AppSumo, and other services
  • Customer onboarding development
  • Ongoing SEO services
  • Landing page development
  • Promotional materials design
  • Print materials design
  • Tradeshow exhibit design
  • Email marketing
  • Creative consulting
  • Copywriting and content development

These services can be contracted as needed or performed under our Creative Services Retainer.

Business Technology Toolkit Development

Having the right tech tools in place can help set you up for success when launching a startup. The right tech solutions can empower startups to streamline their processes and keep organized, communicate with their customers, expand brand awareness, and improve the sales process, which are all crucial for scalability.

With so many options available, knowing which ones will be the most effective for your business is essential. Creative Hive Labs has broad experience with the tools your startup needs and can help guide you in the selection of the essentials, including:

  • Web Hosting

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Company Communications
  • Team Communications Tool
  • Document Storage
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Transactional Email Provider
  • Marketing Email Platform
  • SEO Tools
  • Social Media Scheduling, Automation, and Monitoring
  • Sales Enablement
  • Creative Design Tools
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Public Relations

Why Creative Hive Labs

We deliver creative web solutions and marketing agency services backed by 25 years of custom enterprise software development experience. The Creative Services team lives and breathes the art and science of growing businesses through smart marketing. We like facts and figures, but we also like to create beautiful, high-performing solutions. And we know you can have it both ways.

Together, we’ll conquer your biggest challenges. We will handle the areas you don’t know about or don’t have time for, so you can focus on doing what you do best. Our services are designed to support you throughout the full business lifecycle – from idea to funded to design refresh. We’re here to support you with the needed research, creative, and technical expertise you need to reach your business goals.

Our creative and disciplined team includes experts in PR, design, advertising, media, and all things digital. We build your specialized strategy on our integrated marketing philosophy of sincere, authentic relationship building and setting manageable and measurable goals. It’s simple – we mean what we say, and we deliver what we promise.

We at Creative Hive Labs are passionate about transparency, reliability, trust, and outstanding customer care – we aren’t happy with our solution until you are. We take excellent care of your needs. We understand your business goals and deliver according to your business values.

We Have You Covered From A – Z

Social media is one of the best tools for creating a buzz around your startup. It allows you to begin building relationships with future customers. We’ll set up your company’s social media channels, complete with branding graphics and introductory text. Plus, you’ll receive a custom social media strategy that provides a clear roadmap for success and a full set of posts to get you started.

Email marketing is an excellent tool for keeping your audience engaged and building a relationship with them. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your brand, connect with users, share news, send a message, tell a story, etc. You’re contacting those who really want to hear from you with email. Moreover, when a lead opens your email, you have their full attention, without the need to outsmart any algorithms like with social media.

However, to fully benefit from this, you need to build a subscriber list. We’ll help you get started by adding a form to your pre-launch landing page and website. This will include strong CTAs so your visitors can easily subscribe to your emails. Once they’ve subscribed, we’ll help:

• Make sure there is an interest-evoking subject line and preview text
• Create engaging and valuable content with which to update them about your products, services, and content
• Optimize your emails for mobile
• Schedule your email frequency
• Use a professional-looking email address
• Set up 15 email broadcasts to landing page opt-in subscribers
• Create a launch email sequence

Once you’ve built an email list, you must keep subscribers interested and engaged. Having a consistent email design is essential. Responsive email template designs help brands market and promote their product launches and services in an aesthetically creative manner. At Creative Hive Labs, we take pride in designing super responsive and creative email templates that accelerate conversions and be a source of massive recognition for your brand. We will develop email template designs for:

• Transactional emails
• Promotional emails
• Newsletter emails

You need to know if your digital marketing efforts are fruitful, which means you need to set up your Google Analytics account. It will allow you to track and measure the performance of your website so you can understand how quickly you can meet your goals and improve your brand’s presence.
There is plenty of data that you can get from Google Analytics, some of which include:

• The overall traffic to your website.
• Where your traffic came from – another website, search, email, etc.
• Traffic from individual pages.
• Where your leads came from.
• How many of the leads converted.
• User demographic data.
• What device visitors used, and which browser.

We’ll add Google Analytics & Search Console to your website, giving you a deeper insight into your visitors’ behavior. We’ll also set up the service to email you a monthly key stats report.

To support visitors from all browsers, we’ll also setup Google Search Console and Bing Analytics.

When marketing your new business, you generally have to create vast amounts of content for various platforms, which is why you need an editorial calendar to help you out.

The editorial process is a way to establish marketing objectives, develop a strategy, and carefully prepare your content ahead of time. Done right, you’ll be able to generate traffic, improve your SEO, increase social shares, generate more leads and drive up conversions.

We’ll create an editorial calendar for your new company targeting the development of 10,000 words of content/month to help you gain traction in the search engines. Our team can also help you with the development of that content on an ongoing basis with a Creative Services Retainer.

Google My Business is crucial for your company’s success. GMB has all of your company’s info and is often the first thing people see when they look up your business. If you are a local company and don’t show up on Google Maps – people won’t be able to find you, won’t call you, and won’t use your business.

With Google Business Page setup, you get your own ‘pin’ on Google Maps, displaying your company profile when people search for your business or related search terms on Google Maps and Search result listings.

Your GMB listing includes:

• Important business information
• Your logo and company images
• Business description
• Services and products
• Areas serviced
• Reviews

Having a complete Google My Business listing results in:

• Higher prominence in Google search
• Higher visibility in Google maps
• Consistent business info across Google
• More website traffic

Our service includes:

• Your business name, address and phone number
• SEO optimized business description
• Optimized product and service information written by professional SEO content writers
• Uploaded and optimized photos and logo
• Custom graphics and images uploaded for products and services
• Correctly displayed business hours
• Website information
• Listing in the correct business category(ies)
• Business email
• Setup and verification
• Review notifications and management