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Developing Relationships One Interaction at a Time with Social Media Marketing

Social media evolved from being cutting-edge technology to be integrated into nearly every aspect of our lives in record time. It’s there with us, personally and professionally, 24/7/365, and it gets a notable amount of our attention each day. And the attention of search engines, including Google and Bing. This has significant implications for your business every day.

Businesses are now actively using social media channels for customer retention and lead development to maximize revenues. Social media is a unique platform because companies and consumers can interact and communicate not only with each other but also with brands, products, services, games, and more via social media applications. Businesses that actively encourage their customers and non-customers to participate in their social web community — asking for their feedback, opinions, and suggestions — are rewarded with online credibility and customer trust.

Today, social media should be an integral part of your marketing efforts and a primary source of customer and potential customer feedback and analysis. These networks have become the primary mechanism by which your prospects can see your marketing messages, learn about your company, products, and services, and view customer feedback, opinions, and suggestions. This is the primary place they validate your messaging and decide whether they will do business with you. Leveraging this massive audience to build your brand is essential for both B2C and B2B companies. Social media marketing has a real impact on your customer outreach, relevance, and retention. Making it work for you is critical to your success.

Social Media Brand AwarenessEasily Access Your Target Market and Expand Brand Awareness

Social media marketing is used to realize branding and marketing goals through participation in all relevant social media networks. It’s about taking a multifaceted approach beyond email blasts, profiles, and regular message dissemination through social media networks. The real success of social media marketing is not necessarily profitability.

The answer to the question of the best social media platform is where your customers are. Instead of using outdated platforms, it is a rule of thumb to be present in the popular ones with high numbers of active users – If your target group is there.

Businesses that take the time to connect with current and future customers can grow their brand awareness and maintain a lasting positive brand association. Social media marketing also has the potential to improve your company’s conversion rates through customer targeting, the analysis of sales tracking information, and by never using spammy marketing techniques. Plus, by applying analytics to social media marketing, a business can learn critical details about user behavior and traffic, including page views and exposure on the various platforms, to deliver the content their users want.

Did you know search engines use social media as a quality indicator? They factor likes, retweets, fans, sharing, circles, and others into how they will rank your pages in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Pleasing the search engines is a thrive-or-die situation today. Businesses that find their way to the front page of the SERPs have an exponentially larger audience than those on pages 2+.

Social Media Account Management

Managing a social media presence requires consistency, creativity, and, most importantly, time. That’s not always the best use of your time. You can sit back and let us take care of your social presence. Our service can include ongoing content curation, post scheduling, graphic design, interaction & inquiry handling, and reporting.

We’ll keep a close eye on your social media, making sure to review your customers’ feedback and any suggestions for improvements. Social media is a conversation, so we’ll also help respond to any questions or comments. Keeping your social media presence active is an excellent way to stay top-of-mind with your target audience.

Social Media Account Management

What You’ll Achieve

Social Media Strategy & Management Services

The path to realizing ROI from social

  • Audit & Optimization of Existing Channels
  • Channel Set Up
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Development & Schedule
  • Content Publishing
  • Custom Post and Graphic Creation
  • Social Listening
  • Audience Engagement
  • Advertising/ Ads Management
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Analytics & Reporting

Planning Your Social Media Strategy

Creating Opportunities to Connect with Customers 24/7/365

Social media is considered the second-most effective form of digital marketing. Yet, more than one-third of businesses have no social media presence at all. This is primarily due to companies not having the time or resources to invest in social media marketing. Quality marketing on social networks requires commitment. If you are a novice, you might think that it is enough to publish a few posts a day, as well as random status updates, a solid number of followers, and likes, which should altogether magically boost your business. The truth is a far cry from that – a detailed plan and commitment are crucial. Experienced online marketing experts know that what it takes for efficient social usage is to listen to the audience, to share only relevant content with them, and to allow others to spread it. If you don’t have the time to manage your social media accounts or aren’t sure how to create compelling social media profiles for your business, we can help!

Creative Hive Labs’s social media marketing services include evaluating your company’s current engagement in social media networks focusing on reputation and trust management, community, content delivery, and accessibility. Focusing on these areas, we can recommend a strategy that includes blogging, RSS feeds, website integration, linkbacks, content, rich media applications (video), analytics, and most importantly, social media platforms. Our social media team creates custom images, writes optimized content, links accounts, networks with other relevant pages and profiles, and so much more. We can even train you to use your new social profiles to reach your audience best, promote your business, and track and interpret engagement metrics to know what is working for you and what isn’t.

Whether you are a large company or an entrepreneurial business, social media marketing is one of the cheapest and most powerful marketing tools to help you build trust and authority, which will eventually help you to grow your business in the long run.

The Power of Community – Get Social with Your Customers

Online social networking communities are some of the fastest-growing sites on the internet, with new ones constantly popping up. Top social networking sites receive massive traffic each day, providing almost endless opportunities to engage with your customers. When your company uses the same social media tools as your target audience(s), you have the opportunity to foster brand advocacy, learn how to improve product and service offerings, further engage your target audience (including sold customers), and ultimately increase sales. Social media offers the ability to tap into mass “word of mouth” advertising.

Social media marketing gives you the power to grow your brand awareness, generate leads, improve conversion and retention rates, and help you improve your position in the search engines. Get started today with Creative Hive Labs.

Creative Hive Labs delivers a comprehensive solution for all of your social media application objectives, including:

  • Successfully branding business
  • Expediting sales & marketing activities
  • Lead generation
  • Increasing traffic to corporate websites
  • Initiating new concepts and products to the market and reaching out to the maximum targeted audience

At Creative Hive Labs, we help clients reach their audience using the power of popular and niche social media networking sites – wherever your visitors spend most of their quality time.

Social Media for New Service and Product Launches

Your product (or service) is ready to rock, but your online social media presence hasn’t been ready to roll — until now. Creative Hive Labs applies an integrated approach to ensure your strategy elements are systematically working together. We have your back as a team member – from audit and analysis to strategy and implementation. Why does this matter? It allows you to put a system in place that works for you continuously to build brand awareness, increase engagement with your customers, and build up your company’s voice, overall web presence, and, most importantly, personality!

Social Media for New Product Launches

Did you know?

Before you start planning your social marketing strategy, having a solid ground to work from is a prerequisite. That means that you should have a unique logo and your company’s corporate identity, high-quality website design, relevant website content adapted to both your target audience and search engines (SEO), and visually appealing profiles on social networks.

Social Media Marketing requires constant work and dedication in the future to keep the positions you achieve.

SMM can help your company to get feedback directly from customers (and potential customers) while at the same time personalizing your company’s self-image on the global level. Social media interactivity allows customers to ask questions and share opinions, even complaints. This helps customers feel safer, and the company ensures market authority through demonstrating customer care. This aspect of SMM is called Social customer relationship management (social CRM).

Your SMM strategy depends on your strategy of content marketing and vice versa. Effective SMM relies on relevant, quality content and content marketing largely involves social media. Relevant content engages people to share it, which enlarges your audience to a whole new world of potential fans, friends, and clients. Marketers use content to spread their messages via social media.

Social Media Marketing

The best way to communicate with your target audience is through Social Media Marketing (SMM). Creative Hive Labs has helped numerous businesses establish an effective social media management strategy. Success in social media is primarily measured by audience engagement. To achieve high engagement, we recommend that companies constantly interact with their following across all major platforms. Publishing engaging content is also an essential part of social media strategy. All published content and creativity should motivate followers to visit your website to learn more about your brand message. Once your followers understand your brand story, there is a higher potential for them to become your customer.

With over 3.6 billion users on social media globally and each platform providing a unique segment of the market, there is truly no better way to reach your target audience than SMM.