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Website Control

Taking control of your website has never been easier. Creative Hive Labs give you all the training and help you need to set up independent hosting, make your updates, and control user access.

Website Design/Redesign

Not sure what to do with your website or ready for a design update? QAT Global delivers highly interactive, appealing, feature-rich websites for desktop and mobile users aimed at helping you attain maximum growth and success.

Inexpensive Custom Solutions

Businesses of all sizes need to create custom business solutions quickly, agile, relatively inexpensively to meet fast-changing business needs. We use WordPress, its plugin and theme ecosystem, and custom code to create business solutions that are far more than “websites.”

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Web Design

Unique web design solutions made with your individual business goals and objectives in mind.

Creative Hive Labs is a full-service, interactive agency offering innovative web design & branding solutions that go above and beyond industry standards. We’ll work with clients to create a unique website interface with a custom layout and appealing colors and fonts and set up a user-friendly architecture and navigation system.

Our strategic approach to the development of eye-catching digital experiences exceeds all expectations.

Graphic Design

Visual creative support for web projects that deliver on your brand, style, and voice.

Our Creative Services Team will help you shape and build your brand identity and create narratives that translate your message and inspire customers. This includes striking logo design, distinctive corporate identity, and business-changing labels, to name a few. Since 2009 QAT Global has helped established remarkable brands, both big and small.

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WordPress Development

Creating unique and dynamic WordPress sites tailored to both prospective and current customers.

We build WordPress-based solutions that deliver on functionality, usability, and cost-efficiency. We put this expertise to use every day, developing innovative web applications, content management systems (CMS), prototypes, and progressive web applications (PWAs) that offer rapid application development for diverse business needs.

WordPress Development

Empowering inhouse teams with best-in-class tools

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We offer package solutions to help fast-growing companies scale their website in line with their expanding workforce and customer base. Following a brand, UI and UX exploration process, we implement customized, user-friendly CMS solutions and connect them to your favorite marketing and CRM platforms. This adaptable, super-fast, SEO-friendly upgrade lets your content team get back to what they do best, without the continuous hassle of briefing developers for every simple website change.

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Our strategic approach to the development of eye-catching digital experiences exceeds all expectations.

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