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Information Architecture & Taxonomy Design Services-

Organize Your Content to Deliver a Delightful User Experience

Effective information architecture assists users in understanding where they are on your site and what they should expect when they click on a piece of content. Information architecture also provides the structure for your website or web application. The best website organization is one that is familiar, intuitive, and scalable. End users should immediately understand where to find what they are looking for, and search engines should easily crawl the site.

Creative Hive Labs can create or optimize your website’s information architecture (IA) to improve performance, increase search engine rankings, and deliver a better user experience.

Information Architecture & Taxonomy Design Services

Information architecture is the intersection of content and user experience.

With your website, you hold power not just to inform but to provide an experience. In the B2B market, over 90% of buyers research online before making their decision. And they decide based not only on how your website looks but also on how easy it is to use. If not intuitively accessible to your website visitor, product information might as well not be there at all. Navigation and function are critical to the conversion of that highly valued website traffic into leads or sales.

An effective information architecture:

  • Organizes your website content in a natural way, with each level of information further building on the previous.
  • Harmonizes content, website navigation elements, search engine optimization, and lead generation paths.
  • Helps visitors interpret, navigate, and understand their digital surroundings.
  • Provides the foundation that a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy in built on.

Our Information Architecture & Taxonomy Design Strategy

We understand the unique challenges business owners face to promote their brand and engage prospects successfully. When it comes to designing the information architecture and taxonomy for your website, we will work with you to develop a precisely tailored strategy based on your business’s specific needs and goals to ensure the success of the project.

The key to a successful taxonomy is its ability to accurately represent the content on your site by organizing content into topical and logical groups to optimize the user experience and search engines’ ability to crawl it. When managing the redesign, we make sure to leave room for future expansion so your site can accommodate a growing business or reflect the changing preferences of your consumers. And since we also offer SEO services, we can optimize the terminology to help drive organic traffic to your site.

Our Process

The specific steps that we take can vary from project to project, but we always take a tailored approach to information architecture and taxonomy design that emphasizes the unique needs and goals of your business.

Why Choose Us?

Our experienced, dedicated team of digital marketing and web design experts can analyze and design a custom information architecture (IA) and taxonomy for your website. Properly structured information architecture organizes the products, services, and content on your website, helping to create site navigation structures while also optimizing for search. The resulting taxonomy is a blend of how you refer to your content and how visitors search for and interact with your content and your brand. IA and taxonomy design services from Creative Services @ QAT Global allow you to grow your website without involving significant overhauls, which are time-consuming and costly.

Rather than offering cookie-cutter services that do not take your company’s unique needs into account, we implement a fully customized, data-driven approach that helps you achieve your business goals and puts you on the path to success. When you work with us, you are not viewed as simply a client but recognized as a valuable partner.


What Is Information Architecture?

Information architecture refers to the practice of labeling, structuring, and organizing the components of a website to enhance findability, functionality, navigation, and user experience. The goal of information architecture optimization is to consider the information needs of your target audience and the products and objectives of your business to ensure visitors to your website can find what they are looking for quickly and with minimal effort.

What Is Taxonomy in Web Design?

In website design, taxonomy refers to a classification system that logically categorizes and organizes the content on a website to make it easier for visitors to navigate the site and find the information they seek. It provides users with relevant content related to what they are already viewing, enhances user experience, and allows search engines to efficiently crawl and index the pages on a site, increasing search engine rankings and brand awareness.

Why Should You Restructure Your Website?

If any of the following circumstances apply to your business, you should consider restructuring your website:

  • You are not receiving the results you want or making progress toward your goals.
  • Your site is not fully functional.
  • Your site provides a poor experience for users, meaning they cannot effectively navigate your site and find the information they are looking for.
  • You have a high bounce rate.
  • The purpose of your website or marketing campaign has changed.
  • The demographics and needs of your target audience have changed.
  • Your branding is no longer accurate.
  • Your site is not mobile responsive.
  • You want to create a new or more comprehensive content strategy.
  • Your competitor changed their website, and it decreased your search engine ranking.
  • Your site features outdated tools or technology.

Why Does URL Pathing Matter for SEO?

URL pathing improves your SEO by increasing functionality, enhancing user experience, and enhancing your site’s visibility on search engine results pages. A well-designed URL structure is concise, organized, and consistent, features high-value keywords, reduces bounce rate, enhances security, and prioritizes the credibility and trustworthiness of your site.

How Can I Optimize Information Architecture?

Information architecture optimization requires the following steps:

  1. Define the goals of your business, such as driving traffic or increasing sales.
  2. Define the goals of the people who will be using your website.
  3. Analyze the IA of competing brands, such as what information they display, where they display it, whether the site is easy to navigate, and the strengths and weaknesses of their strategy.
  4. Determine how accurate, helpful, and effective your web content is and whether you should continue to include it on your site.
  5. Prioritize content and group it into categories based on similarities.
  6. Create a sitemap and navigation menu.
  7. Conduct user testing to find out if your redesign works and identify areas for further improvement.

A Single Company Path to Custom Development with QAT Global

Since Creative Hive Labs is a division of QAT Global, we are able to provide a single-company path to custom software development.  QAT Global’s custom software development services are perfect for enterprises and startups alike. When you need a robust, scalable, secure, and innovative solution, our experienced team will deliver. Plus, your Creative Hive Labs team will be there to work with your software development team to ensure that your marketing and brand are seamlessly carried over to your new custom software application and that you are ready to promote it.