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From Strategy to Implementation – Creating the Visual Statements that Will Connect with Your Audience

As a full-service design and branding company, we at Creative Hive Labs can assist you in bringing your ideas to life. We offer a full spectrum of creative services tailored to your logo and brand development requirements. Whether your company is simply a startup or a global legacy, we will develop a visual brand identity that will resonate with your target audience and accomplishes your positioning goals. We cover B2B and B2C business models and generate brand naming, identity, and typographic materials. We support existing full rebrands, material audits, or new material creation and improvement.

Creating the ideal design is a process: we work with you through brand positioning, discovery, innovation, and market research. Depending on the number of end-points and applications, we create a tiered approach to deliver the must-haves now while also planning for your upcoming needs and requirements.

Regardless of your company’s industry or vertical, brands evolve, new products arrive, and times change. Refreshing the consumer connection is vital to staying relevant and memorable. Elevate your sales with our brand enhancement, logo, and custom design services for new and existing brands. Our process starts with a questionnaire and brand design meeting. Reach out today to get started!

The 4 Key Visual Elements of a Brand

Designing a great brand is a complex, yet essential step in connecting with your target audience, engaging staff, and building your business. There are four key visual elements in a brand.

  • Logo Style
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Imagery

Rebranding for Established Companies

It’s not uncommon to find yourself looking to rebrand your business with everything going on inside businesses and in the market today. The market has become increasingly competitive globally, margins are tight, innovation is happening at an increasing speed, and there’s a lot of noise in every industry coming from all directions. Some of the more common reasons a company can find itself in need of rebranding include:

  • Your company has been around for a while, and you’re losing market traction
  • Your offering has evolved, and your brand needs to evolve to represent it better
  • You didn’t start off with a strong branding process, and now growth is necessitating it
  • You’ve been through mergers and acquisitions, and your brand has gotten muddy

Creative Hive Labs is skilled in helping businesses in all of these situations work through a comprehensive branding process that helps them achieve their goals. This includes goals like establishing or reestablishing market leadership, clarifying who they are now, identifying and pursuing new lead sources, and taking ownership of their brand.

Branding for Startups – Vision to Implementation

Developing your brand is a huge piece of launching a new company. It’s also a piece that’s easy to neglect during the development phase as the pressure is on to develop, test, and launch your new product or service. Having a partner on your side to help you make sure you go to market with the right brand can make all the difference when it comes to success or failure.

We can guide you through everything you need to accomplish to make your market entry successful, including all the obvious things and more technical pieces like subdomain design for apps and email marketing, email address selection, third-party vendor selection for things like transactional and marketing email implementation and stock video and photography licensing.

At Creative Hive Labs, we work with startups every day, so we understand the pressure you’re under and can help make the branding process feel fun instead of overwhelming. Our comprehensive branding process will help you achieve your goals and establish a strong brand in the marketplace. We’ll work with you to establish market leadership, identify and pursue the strongest lead sources, and ensure your brand is effectively implemented across your entire business.

The Branding Process

Our process is based on our experience working with startups and established businesses, so you can feel confident that the outcome of your branding process will be comprehensive and effective. We start with internal and external research and then work with the creative team to do what they do best – turn the data into assets that deliver an outstanding brand experience.