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7 Reasons to Update Your Web Design

Is Your Web Design Long Overdue for an Update?

Your website is usually your customer’s first impression of your product or service, so keeping your site up-to-date is essential and in your best interest. Updating your web design could mean starting over with a new site or just fixing up what you already have. This is especially important if you rely on your website as a tool to bring you business and market your products and services. Here are seven reasons you may want to make a few changes.

  1. Your competitors have better websites.
    If your competitors have more appealing and better functioning websites, it may be time for an update. Updating your website will attract a new audience and convince viewers to check out what you have to offer. To avoid losing viewers to your competition, work to make your website more user-friendly.
  1. Your site isn’t responsive or mobile-friendly.
    Today, people access websites from their smartphone or tablet more often than they do from a laptop. Making sure your site works smoothly across all of these devices is essential. Responsive web design allows you to do this using a single website design that adapts itself to the device it’s being viewed on. If your site isn’t already responsive, it’s time for a redesign!
  1. Your website is slow.
    If your website loads slowly, you are losing people before they see what you have to offer. Slow processing speeds can be very frustrating to viewers, especially on mobile devices, so it’s in your business’s best interest to make any necessary changes.
  1. You have a high bounce rate.
    The bounce rate measures the percentage of viewers that leave your site after seeing just one page. A high bounce rate is typically an indication that you need to make some changes. Remember that people are more engaged with your site when your design and layout are visually appealing, and your SEO accurately reflects your content. Vibrant design elements and icons will draw viewers in visually.
  1. Your content is outdated.
    Having updated content is the most important thing. More people are encouraged to use your website when your content is fresh and up-to-date. This ensures that your viewers are getting the most accurate and relevant information about your product or service. Content managing platforms like WordPress are as easy to use as Microsoft Word and are an easy way to keep your content up-to-date. Having updated content is also essential to maintaining your search engine rankings.
  1. Your site doesn’t convert visitors to prospects.
    A good website must guide its visitors and introduce them to products and services as if they were visiting an actual store. Your website should invite visitors to look around and eventually be prompted to purchase something they find interesting or even browse similar products. If it’s not working for you as an effective lead generation or sales tool, it is time for an update.
  1. Your site doesn’t lead to your social media sites.
    Social media integration is essential if you want to be able to interact with more potential customers. Linking your website to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can increase your traffic and enable visitors to access your brand in more than one place online. If done well, you can drive them back to your website again and again.

If you haven’t updated your website in a couple of years, you may be missing out on some great tools to help increase sales, market your brand, and increase your overall online reputation. Get started with a redesign or update today to improve your user’s experience and improve its ability to work for you as a lead generation and marketing tool. QAT Global’s team of experienced web designers, developers, and UI/UX experts are here to help.

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