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About Us

Creative Hive Labs

We are a “Creative Consulting Firm,” providing high-end, strategic, creative services, marketing plans, and execution. That’s an elaborate way of saying we not only make you look fantastic, but we make sure that your brand engages and interacts as well. Our unique perspectives and experience have made us experts at creating solutions to help clients stand apart from their competition.

We’ve worked with clients small and large across a variety of industries to deliver innovative solutions. Our clients keep coming back because they trust us to make strategic recommendations rooted in research, experience, innovation, and creativity. Additionally, we know that tools and talent are not enough to deliver an outstanding experience. Instead, building solid relationships drives us. We don’t just want to be another solution provider – we want to be part of your team.

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Our goal is to help you drive growth and create meaning in peoples’ lives through


Our Vision

Develop the Perfect Strategy

To reach your business goals, it takes more than a great-looking brand, targeted marketing, and the right technology. It takes a strategic plan to put those elements to work. A brand is more than your website, logo, or brochure – it’s all of the different ways you engage and interact with your audience to define that single thought or idea in their minds.

Create a Targeted Brand and Marketing Elements

This is a purposefully unachievable goal, but it’s what drives us to push further and delves deeper every day. It’s the reason we get up in the morning and the reason we stay up late at night. It’s also the reason our work stands apart from so many other firms.

Help You Succeed

The most important goal! We understand that for you, what you’re coming to us for help with isn’t just a project – it’s your future, your company, your career, your next raise, your life. We take that responsibility seriously. There’s no bigger compliment than hearing that your business is reaching new heights thanks to our help. You can count on us to provide solutions for the whole lifecycle of your company – from startup go-to-market strategy and MVPs to enterprise solutions.

About our vision

What We Believe

About Our Core Values

We encourage employees to base their professional direction and energy on a core set of values.

Our Team


Given our focus on solutions and human behavior, our team comprises strategists, analysts, creatives, and technologists.

Transparency, collaboration, and agility allow us to work quickly and effectively, enabling us to attack problems from different angles, innovate, and create unexpected solutions across a broad spectrum of traditional and non-traditional spaces.

Creatives are strategic. Strategists are creative. In addition, we have a roster of category experts to add depth and authenticity to our thinking.

We work in direct partnership with our clients to evaluate their business problems and develop solutions to help them accomplish their goals.