| Corporate Storytelling: Don't Skip Personality and Honesty
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Corporate Storytelling: Don’t Skip Personality and Honesty

Three Reasons you Should Never Skip Adding Personality and Honesty to your Brand’s Story

It does not matter how good a story you have or how powerful your idea is. If your audience can sense dishonesty, you no longer have a good story or great idea. They won’t want to offer their time or funds even to try or listen to it.

To Humanize Your Brand

Studies have found that around 83% of consumers preferred human interaction when dealing with brands’ customer service departments. This shows just how important personality and social interactions are to your customers.

Your customers want to know they are talking to real people and humans. They want to feel heard and valued and do business with genuine people, not business entities. It can be detrimental to avoid humanizing your brand and add too much automation.

To Have a Competitive Edge

Keeping your story more personal by staying honest and true to your values makes you more likely to stand out against your competition. As studies show, if your audience sees your competition as more genuine or personal, they are likely to switch instantly.

To Better Tell Your Story

When you are honest and show your real personality, you can better tell your story and communicate your values to new or current customers. A lie is harder to follow through on and, over time, will be evident to your customers, readers, or viewers. You can’t expect to relate to your customers entirely with dishonesty. There is no reason to be dishonest in this world of instant access to information, tools, resources, and competition.

Two Quick Tips to Increase your Brand’s Personality:

Build a Community

Customers are attracted to a sense of community and being around people who share similar interests, morals, or ideas. This means one of your top priorities should be to bring your audience closer together. Be sure to interact daily and as much as you can and inspire them to have many different discussions together.

Give Your Consumers a Voice

Involve your consumers as much as possible in your business. Host live question and answers, submit polls in your Facebook groups, send surveys through your e-mail campaigns, or allow them to test your products. Make it obvious and easy for your customers to send or submit feedback. Any way your audience can feel heard and valued is a benefit to your company.

Final Thoughts

Remember, to connect and relate with your audience and get them engaged; you must be authentic. Being authentic doesn’t mean you can’t put on a persona or use a storytelling technique when appropriate. It simply means that you shouldn’t try to be someone you’re not. If your audience senses that you’re not being genuine, they will quickly lose interest.

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