| Five Ways to Improve Your Storytelling Techniques
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Five Ways to Improve Your Storytelling Techniques

Tips to Improve Your Storytelling Techniques

Storytelling is found throughout every part of life. It’s how people form and build life-long and intimate relationships and move and learn as a society or community, making it such a powerful marketing strategy to add to your business and increase your audience engagement. 

Here are five ways to improve your storytelling techniques: 

Don’t Make Your Brand the Start or Main Focus 

Always have your customer front and center of your story to make a great impact. Many businesses fall into the bad habit of thinking they are the hero and star of the show. However, that’s not the case. Solving your customer’s problems is, and the point of the story is to get them attracted to your brand. By making them the star of the show instead, this is much easier to accomplish. 

Improve Your Listening Skills 

Again, your audience is the most valuable resource to your business and story and why you exist. This means you must improve your listening skills and actively hear what they say. Ensure you know where to improve and let your audience know you understand them by solving their problem or providing value. 

Follow a Common Script or Story Arc 

To create a story that makes a powerful impact doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel. Follow along a common brand arc first, and then expand and take more risks as you go along. Pay attention to how your audience reacts. If they like it, keep using the same structure. 

Keep Them Guessing 

While you want the main problem and solution to the story obvious, that doesn’t mean the journey to how you got there should be. Keeping your audience wondering “what’s next” or “how will they save the day” is a helpful strategy for making a memorable and engaging story. 

Focus on Building Trust 

Transparency is key if you want to build a solid relationship with your audience. If your audience can’t trust you, it is unlikely they will benefit you or your business. They won’t stick around long enough if there are any ill feelings. Show them you are trustworthy by sharing customer spotlight stories or using characters and story arcs relatable and relevant to their lives. 

Overall, the one key to improving your storytelling techniques is to keep trying and practicing. Through trial and error, you will learn what works and doesn’t work for your target audience. While there are many different techniques, tips, and tricks to try, it’s important to remember that if it doesn’t work for your audience, it doesn’t work for you, no matter how good the advice may sound. 

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