| Four Ways to Increase and Track Audience Engagement
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Four Ways to Increase and Track Audience Engagement

Strategies for Tracking Audience Engagement

To ensure your stories or content are working to achieve your business goals, it’s essential to add measures that track and evaluate your audience engagement. This way, you know what you need to improve upon in your business and marketing strategy.

For example, if you see a high bounce rate but are confident your article is search engine rich to get the viewers, you may not be providing enough value audience to keep them around. This will tell you that you need to better understand what your target audience is searching for or truly needs.

In this article, we’ll discuss four strategies that are designed to help you build and track audience interactions and their movements.

Keep Track of Metrics and Analytics

WordPress sites and most social media platforms both provide analytical information for free that you should be taking advantage of. The metrics that are important to take notice of to ensure your audience engagement is healthy include:

* Bounce rate – A high bounce rate indicates your audience is not staying around to view your content.
* Average session duration – How long a viewer stays around tells you if you have content or value they are searching for.
* Number of returning visitors vs. new visitors – This is vital in determining your audience’s retention. If you have many return visitors, it’s a sign that your content is engaging. A healthy number of new visitors compared to return ones is also important to review to ensure you are still attracting a combination of both.
* Number of shares or likes – High shares and likes indicate you are providing the right content to your audience.

Build an Email List

Even if a customer made a purchase, followed you on social media, or joined your group, you should still develop an email list. Newsletters or follow-up emails are your second chance to show that you are valuable enough for them to become a repeat visitor or customer.

Not only that, but if they are willing to provide an email, you likely have valuable content to offer them. It gives you a clear insight that your company objectives and strategies are working.

Always Add a Call-to-action

No matter what kind of content you are offering, you need to have a call to action. Crafting good CTA’s is one of the most critical marketing strategies that ensure you get what you want from your customers. In fact, studies have shown that calls-to-action increase conversion by nearly 121%.

Never expect your audience to know what to do. Make your call to action as clear and obvious as possible. For example, if you want them to buy it, tell them to purchase it. Or, if you want more viewers, ask them to watch and share your video or blog.

Create Live or Virtual Events

Get your audience together to allow them to start a conversation and connect through online virtual or live corporate events. Use this time to ask important questions and conduct surveys or polls to get them more involved. Doing this ensures audience engagement and allows you to gather the metrics you need to ensure your product or service is successful.

In the end, if you want more audience engagement, you need to ask for it, push out valuable content to the right audience, and continue to track and evaluate your progress. The biggest culprit of low audience engagement is interacting with the wrong audience to start with.


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