| Gamify Your Comments to Encourage Quality Content Contribution 
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Gamify Your Comments to Encourage Quality Content Contribution 

Gamify Your Comments or Forum Posts to Encourage Quality Content Contribution 

Whether you have a forum or you are using Facebook to manage your community, finding a way to gamify your comments or the posts is a great way to encourage quality content contribution. Because the truth is, one of the most complicated types of content to control and keep uplifting and positive are social media comments. 

Online discussions can take a dark turn if you’re not helping guide the conversation. Gamifying in this way accomplishes growing engagement while also managing the engagement so that it is positive and affirming. Depending on the technology you’re using, you can do a lot to guide conversations and encourage quality contributions. 

Allow Readers to Rate Comments 

If you want to encourage positive comments, you’ll want to tap down negativity by allowing readers to rate the effectiveness of a comment. This is a fantastic way to apply community peer pressure to participants to keep the comments more positive and helpful rather than critical. 

Add Mood Filters 

Another way to increase the good feelings is to add mood filters that attempt to give the poster a hint about the tone of their comment before posting it. Facebook is doing this on some of their groups now by asking you to rate your own comment before posting it in terms of the mood. When a user can note that their mood is not so great, they will often change their comment before even posting. 

Encourage Participation by Including Badges 

You can also use software that allows you to add badges for different levels of participation and even a way to collect points to use elsewhere. Badges can show that a person is more well-known, trustworthy, or new. A badge can indicate an “expert” and other types of classifications that help readers too.

Add a Leaderboard

If communication is your goal with your community, adding a leaderboard that rewards the top contributors is a great way to encourage more conversation. When you post the leaderboard, it will encourage the others to post more and contribute more so that they can be on the board too. 

Let Members Reward Other Members 

If you run a membership group, why not let other members of the group reward users who help them with a small reward of one-month membership or unlocked capabilities – such as being able to post more pictures or more links. The key is all in the technology you are using. If members can buy other members a coffee or pay to send them something useful for the membership, such as an upgrade, it will help them communicate even more.

User-generated content is often viewed as more trustworthy than the content you or your company post. For this reason, incentivizing your most educated and active members to post more content is going to boost your bottom line and improve customer retention and loyalty exponentially. 


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