| How Gamifying Your Business for Customers Creates Loyalty 
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How Gamifying Your Business for Customers Creates Loyalty 

Creating Customer Loyalty Through Gamification

Keeping your customers happy is essential to building a long-term business that will continue to grow. Owning a business that can weather the ups and downs of the economy, changing technology, and the temptation of switching brands is a commitment that is important because it costs less to keep your customers happy than it does to get more customers. 

Gamification is the process of adding game elements to traditionally non-gaming activities in order to make them more fun and engaging. Many businesses are now using gamification features to increase customer loyalty. Adding gamification features such as membership points or status levels creates a sense of personalization, engagement, and loyalty that will keep them coming back. 

Perks of Gamifying Your Business for Customer Loyalty: 

Makes Membership Sticky

When someone is involved in a membership program that gives them plenty of reasons to stay, they won’t want to leave. For example, membership points are a way of tracking how active a customer is. They can be earned by doing things such as making a purchase, visiting the website regularly, or referring friends. These points can then be redeemed for rewards such as discounts, free shipping, or access to exclusive content. With these types of membership perks, customers will be more likely to stick around.

People Don’t Want to Lose Status

Status levels are another way of rewarding customers for their loyalty. As customers engage with the business more and more, they are promoted to higher status levels, which come with perks such as bonus points, early access to sales, or special treatment from customer service representatives. This type of gamification will encourage members to stick around longer, so they don’t lose the status they have or the work they already did to get them to the level they’re at. 

Gets Them Involved in Your Community

Promoting a community of like-minded people in addition to your product or services makes your audience truly get involved in your community. This means they will be less likely to want to leave this community. A great way to focus on retention is to build up the community and discussion aspects by giving points, perks, or prizes for community participation. 

Makes Spreading the Word Fun 

When a product is truly desirable, spreading the word is fun. But if you can spread the word and also win a free product, get discounts, or otherwise win something, it makes it all the more fun and likely. 

Educate Them More on Your Products 

When you do something that feels like a game, it makes it easier for your audience to retain information designed to educate them on the products. For example, you can use quizzes to help them learn something important you want to impart while also incentivizing them based on the quiz results. 

Building and developing customer loyalty is one of the ways you can increase customer lifetime value and retention. The awesome thing about this is that all of this can be accomplished through education, personalization, and gamification.


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