| Length of Domain Name Registration Effects SEO
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Length of Domain Name Registration Effects SEO

Quick Tip for Improving SEO

Increase Your Domain Name Registration Length

Registering your domain name for at least 5 years at a time can have a positive effect on your SEO; registering for 1 year at a time can have a negative effect. The short registration time automatically hurts you – think of it as saying to the search engines “I think my idea is only worth investing in one year at a time” or conversely “I have faith that my site will be around for at least 5 years”.

Which site do you think they are going to have more faith in being a quality site? If you register your domain names with GoDaddy, chances are you can find a promo code to get a great deal on new registration or renewal. Even at GoDaddy’s average price of $11.99 per year, a 5-year registration is a very small investment in your site and SEO efforts. So what are you waiting for? Renew your domain name today for at least five years and mark today’s SEO work off your to-do list!

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