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Let’s Talk About Gamification Rewards 

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Rewarding your Loyal Customers with Gamification

Adding elements of gamification for your customers and subscribers is a great way to encourage engagement, advance education, and encourage various behaviors from the customers and subscribers. The fantastic thing about this is that the rewards you use don’t have to be physical or actual prizes to be effective. You can keep it fun, simple, and inexpensive while also being effective. Let’s look at the ways.

Progress Bars

First, understand that a reward in gamification doesn’t have to be something physical at all. When you look at all the games in a game room at the local mall, you’ll see that not all games provide actual prizes. 

Some games provide incentives through progress bars, scoring, and even fun sounds. You can do the same. Providing something as simple as a progress bar that shows your users where they are and how far they have left to go can make all the difference in how far your customers get. 

Achievements as Reward

Another way to reward your audience is by showing them what they’ve achieved – which is a reward in many ways, all by itself. Letting them collect site-specific currency, points, leveling up, and leaderboards all demonstrate how achievement can also be a reward that people will seek. 

When you realize this, it opens new potential in terms of how you can reward your audience when they participate in your online communities, email marketing, and social media platform discussions. 

Digital Coupons

You can also reward your audience with digital goods like coupons for percentages off products and services from you or from those you work with as an influencer. Giving your readers and viewers a way to earn these goods and coupons based on behavior is a great way to add gamification to your business model. 

Certificates of Achievement

Another reward you can offer your audience based on their behavior are certificates of achievement. Studies show that marketers who teach something which offers a certificate, even one that is printed off by the customer or shared via social media, helps improve completion rates and site stickiness. 

Real Prizes

Of course, you can also offer real physical prizes based on participation. While this does cost more if you have a high-end product or service, it can be more than worth it and get people very excited. For example, one popular business coach is known for allowing her group coaching participants to win brownies from a company called Send Out Cards. You may only send the prize to five people at the most, but you’ll create a buzz that outlasts that little bit of expense. 

Incentivizing participation and engagement are essential elements in not only ensuring audience interest but also in ensuring customer retention. When you can keep the customers interested and responding to your offers, you can truly start building a long-lasting and growing business. 


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