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Marketing Your Company – The Company Details Sheet

Creating a Company Details Sheet to Market Your Company

Having a full suite of marketing collateral is essential for any business. Think of your company details sheet as a resume of sorts for your business. Future employees, potential customers, and the media will want to know the key details about your business.

Include on this sheet:

  • Date your business was founded
  • Primary office location and satellite offices
  • Names and brief overview of company founders and senior-level management
  • Contact information
  • Brief mission statement
  • Business overview
  • Value statement
  • Industry listing
  • Select clients list
  • Partners
  • Web sites, blogs, social networking links

Tip: Arrange this information into a flat sheet with a design similar to your other product or service datasheets. This information should also be placed on a page on your website in the About Us section.

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