Health Startup Utilizes Branding, Marketing, and Website Design Services


QAT prepared and delivered Vitalistics with their full online presence including iterative design on the sales and marketing website, search engine optimization strategies, application development, an iterative design on the support website, and related business consulting (C-level).

QAT Global’s Approach

Tasked with the creation of a complete brand, website, and application from scratch is a tall order in and of itself. Fortunately, Creative Hive Labs has been honing our craft in website design services and marketing for over 10 years; we’ve stockpiled the experience and track record to tackle these projects head-on with confidence. We know that ideas, no matter how big, are worthless without flawless execution. Our approach to brand, website design, and application development for startups is organized and straightforward. In this case study, we’re going to explore the marketing and website design services side of this project.


Our first step was to discover as much as we could about the client, their vision, their industry, competitors, and their target market. As with all startup projects, we kicked off with a series of “get to know you meetings” to help us establish how the founding team not only envisioned the software application, website, and company but also what type of personality they wanted to weave into it. Our research consisted of studying other diagnostic testing providers, learning about how Medicare and the insurance industry works for overnight oximetry and home sleep testing, and getting clarity on the vision and long-term goals of the client.


Our second step was to define as much as we could about the brand. From market research and competitive analysis to web design services and marketing, our strategists, designers, and developers helped Vitalistics create a brand and websites that encompassed the key points of our collective goals and research to offer a distinct, appealing look and offering for the target audiences. We used the information we gathered from our research to bring context to the brand, which included defining brand colors, fonts, and touchpoints such as the brand identity, websites, collateral, and social media. We also used the information we gathered from our web research to define the layout of the website, necessary design elements, and content.

From the beginning, we have prepared and delivered Vitalistics with their full online presence including iterative design on the sales and marketing website, search engine optimization strategies, application development, an iterative design on the support website, and related business consulting (C-level).

Brand Development

QAT Global’s mission was to create a brand that highlights Vitalistics’ vision while appealing to three different audiences – durable medical equipment suppliers (DMEs), physicians, and patients. QAT Global was able to address these varied audiences by creating a balance between approachable design and informative content. The brand includes a both bright and soothing colors, approachable photography, and a clean design that embodies the spirit of Vitalistics. Collateral materials communicate reliability and ease of use, while the logo depicts a person enjoying sound sleep. A formal style guide was created to outline the firm’s updated imagery standards and graphic styles.

Website Design

The responsive website communicates Vitalistics’ mission and branding across multiple devices and platforms. The site helps streamline operations by providing easy registration for the ODIE applications, form downloads, and making payments online. QAT Global provided copywriting services and incorporated the brand’s approachable, reliable identity and custom graphics throughout the site.


Collateral materials were developed with two goals in mind – to educate DMEs about the company and to appeal to physicians. General collateral communicates the services and outlines the benefits of ODIE and working with Vitalistics. Coordinating patient-specific materials include a variety of customizable brochures to support DMEs and physicians.


Our fourth step was to launch the brand and application. After all touchpoints were designed and finalized, we prepared for the official launch of the brand and website. We decided to launch the new brand, websites, and application in stages over two months in an effort to increase the visibility of both the sales and marketing website and social media, to convert new visitors to customers, and to solicit larger clients.


With a brand solidly in place and a responsive website as the virtual storefront, Vitalistics is positioned for a wide-reaching B2B launch. By integrating video into their email and online marketing, the company provides an engaging experience that showcases their services and products and makes a personal connection.

In total, Vitalistics launched with 248 branding and marketing deliverables development in partnership with QAT Global including:

  • Marketing, Product, and Competitive Research
  • Corporate Identity Package
  • Self-maintainable Marketing and Sales Website ( with videos, forms, blog posts, chat integration, and SEO
  • Self-maintainable Help/Support Website ( with tutorials, videos, forms, blog posts, customizable marketing materials, and chat integration
  • Print, Video, and Digital Marketing and Sales Content
  • Business Forms and Documents
  • Product Documentation
  • Social Media Account Setup and Starter Content and Visuals