| How Storytelling Sets Your Brand Apart from Your Competitors
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How Storytelling Sets Your Brand Apart from Your Competitors

Set Your Brand Apart With Storytelling

The brain is wired or attracted to stories because stories are how the brain learns, grows, and remembers things. Through stories, you can better remember important events and communicate or connect better with others. As an example, give the following exercise a try:

Pick a set of six double-digit numbers, any numbers, or you can use these to help: 25, 99, 76, 33, 21, 45. Now set a timer for one minute. Try to memorize as many of the numbers as you can in that set amount of time. Then when the timer is up, reset the timer to 30-seconds, cover the numbers and write down as many numbers as you can remember before the timer is up again.

Now, try a second round but pick a new set of numbers. Here are some new numbers you can use: 48, 20, 88, 43, 29, 87. Reset your timer for one minute, but create a story to help you memorize the numbers for this round. For example, 48 jumped to 20 and had a party with 88. Eighty-eight had a friend who is 29, and he didn’t really care for 87. Then start another 30-second timer and see how many numbers you remember this round.

What were your results? Did you improve? For many, this exercise will prove just how powerful storytelling can be and how easily you can remember the numbers—making it a great tool to use to better connect and engage with your audience.

Here’s how storytelling will set your brand apart from your competition:

Develops Deeper and More Long-Term Customer Relationships

When you tell a story, you show a vulnerable side that humanizes your brand – showing your customers that you are more than just about making money but are also about problem-solving – especially solving their problems. Due to this, they’ll want to form a bond and relationship and further boost your success.

To Be Unique, Creative, and More Innovative

Stories allow you the opportunity to be more creative and test your abilities to educate your audience. People love learning, and gaining new perspectives and stories is a fun way to do this through your brand image and knowledge.

To Be More Relatable, Trustworthy, and Memorable

To keep your audience engaged, interested, and coming back for more, you need to create a memorable experience that builds their trust and sees you as a reliable and credible resource of information or products. Research shows that nearly 80% of business revenue is acquired from repeat and return customers.

As you can see, stories are a powerful and unique way to share, relate or educate your values, beliefs, and morals. Through stories, you gain audience engagement and the action required to run a successful and sustainable business.

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