Content Development

Creative Services at QAT Global specializes in content development. The Creative Services team uses research to produce and publish information to meet businesses goals. The highly skilled team works with businesses to set goals, identify the target audience, choose metrics for content marketing success, generate ideas, write content, and optimize the content for search. Web content can be infographics, blogs, text, sounds, images, videos, and other content. The content developed serves a strategic purpose, such as encouraging a marketing or sales outcome or building a connection with an audience. Content development is a vital part of the content marketing strategy. Connect with Creative Services at QAT Global today to develop content that will take your business to the next level.

Strategies to Encourage Internal Blog Writing


Strategies to Encourage Your Staff to Blog for Your Company The great thing about company blogs is that nearly anyone can write or contribute to them; however, in today’s competitive world, it’s harder and [...]

Strategies to Encourage Internal Blog Writing2022-11-30T12:11:53-05:00

How to Create a Customer Spotlight Story 


Creating a Customer Spotlight Story to Build Brand Loyalty Your audience wants to see real-life examples of how your business can provide them value. A great way to do this is through a customer spotlight [...]

How to Create a Customer Spotlight Story 2022-06-13T11:41:06-05:00

Don’t Forget Your Call-to-Action


The Importance of  Call-to-Action (CTAs) Don't end your story without leaving your audience with something to do. A failed story or presentation is when your audience doesn't react or make a move after. You need [...]

Don’t Forget Your Call-to-Action2022-06-15T12:19:31-05:00

Every Story Needs a Hero


Who is the Hero in Your Story?  Good stories typically have a set of common characters; the hero (the star), the enemy, the mentor and/or side kick and lastly, the skeptic or doubter. Each of [...]

Every Story Needs a Hero2022-06-10T08:24:56-05:00

Channels For Reviews and Testimonials


Creating Different Channels For Reviews and Testimonials Did you know that over 90% of online consumers incorporate reviews and testimonials into their buying decision? Thus, for your business to keep attracting new customers, you need [...]

Channels For Reviews and Testimonials2022-06-01T11:25:15-05:00

Creating Urgency to Increase Conversions


Triggering Your Audience's Sense of Urgency If you want to achieve higher sales figures and increase conversations, triggering your audience's sense of urgency is essential. When they think they have to take immediate action, for [...]

Creating Urgency to Increase Conversions2022-05-27T08:14:16-05:00

Marketing with Emotions


Tapping the Emotions of Your Audience If you want to generate the best results from your marketing content, tapping into their emotions is vital. As humans, we often base decisions on our emotions. By tapping [...]

Marketing with Emotions2022-05-27T08:00:22-05:00