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How to Create a Customer Spotlight Story 

Creating a Customer Spotlight Story to Build Brand Loyalty

Your audience wants to see real-life examples of how your business can provide them value. A great way to do this is through a customer spotlight story or testimonial. A customer spotlight story is a true, relatable example of how your products, services, or brand bring value to your customers’ lives.  

A customer spotlight story allows you to build your audience and increase brand loyalty. The goal is to make your viewers relate to your current customers and become loyal customers themselves. If your audience can visualize what their life could look like with your help, you’ll build more trust and credibility for your brand.  

Here’s how to create a customer spotlight story worth sharing to increase audience engagement and build more customers: 

Divide and Highlight the Narrative into Three Key Parts:

* The Problem – What problem or challenge did your customers experience before they found you or your products and services?

* The Solution – How do your products and services solve their problem or provide value?

* The Results – What is life like after finding or using your products and services? 

The typical weight loss advertisement template is a perfect example to illustrate these critical components. They highlight the problem and the results with a before and after picture, and show the solution with their diet and exercise program. These ads are so common because they show all key bits of information quickly to inspire you further to join and get started right away. They are common because they work, and they influence you by believing you can be that person someday too.   

Ask Loyal and Happy Customers 

Your loyal customers love to feel involved. Send surveys via email to your most valuable customers or ask them to submit their own video testimonials to participate. You’ll be amazed at how much your loyal customers want to help if you have a winning product or service. 

Add Personal Customer Quotes

Always include a personal quote provided by the customer. This provides a more personal and believable customer experience to your potential future customers. While you may understand your customers pretty well, seeing what your business is like from their perspective will give you and your prospective audience better insight into your overall performance and value. 

A customer spotlight story is by far one of the easiest and most fulfilling stories to create. You don’t have to go with the standard customer testimonial layout. Use this information to be innovative by designing beautiful animations or heart-felt and compassionate blog posts. As long as the spotlight includes the problem, solution, and results, you have the key ingredients needed for a successful customer spotlight story.  

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