Creative Services at QAT Global are experts in the field of mobile app development. At QAT Global, we offer full-cycle app development services. We work with companies from the very beginning through the end of the project and everywhere in between. We first start by strategizing and consulting with you on what your vision is for your app. Then, we create a roadmap of your vision and decide on a framework for development. Next, we work closely with you on design and UX, ensuring the user experience is what you planned for it to be. Finally, we develop the app with your feedback and optimize it to ensure a seamless experience for users. Contact us today to begin developing your mobile app!

Mobile Usability Testing – Why it Matters


Introduction: Why mobile usability testing is important The term "mobile usability testing" may sound like a relatively new concept, but it's not. In fact, the first time this idea was discussed in an academic setting [...]

Mobile Usability Testing – Why it Matters2022-01-27T09:36:05-05:00

A Guide to UI/UX Design for Older Adults


Designing for Cognition, Physical Movement, Motivation, and Visual Perception Challenges UI/UX Design for Older Adults UI and UX design are essential for all ages. But UI/UX design for older adults is especially important. As [...]

A Guide to UI/UX Design for Older Adults2021-12-21T16:39:49-05:00