Creative Services at QAT Global has extensive knowledge of how the marketing process works, from research and planning to optimization. While marketing aims to generate and distribute content to create leads, the sales department nurtures those leads through conversion. Marketing and sales work hand and hand as a partnership to accomplish goals within the company. Marketing shares information about campaigns they are running, ensuring sales can capitalize on those campaigns, and sales shares customer data information they have with marketing to better target their specific audience. The Creative Services team has compiled tips to help businesses understand the importance of sales when nurturing leads.

Marketing with Emotions


Tapping the Emotions of Your Audience If you want to generate the best results from your marketing content, tapping into their emotions is vital. As humans, we often base decisions on our emotions. By tapping [...]

Marketing with Emotions2022-05-27T08:00:22-05:00

Building Trust to Grow Conversions


Five Trust-Hindering Mistakes to Avoid Trust is much more easily destroyed than it is built. Building trust is like building a sandcastle - it's incredibly beautiful once it's built, but just one mistake could wash [...]

Building Trust to Grow Conversions2022-05-26T07:56:15-05:00