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Your Foundation for Success

A business plan lays the foundation for your business. Especially if you are a startup or your company or consortium is developing new products or services, a business plan development is your roadmap to success. We can help clients build business cases, whether for internal justification or external use when seeking funding. Having a solid business plan development improves your chances of success by giving you direction, visualizing potential risks, assessing viability, and assisting with planning. We can help you compile the necessary information and set up a comprehensive business plan.

You will be able to use this business plan development when you need to share strategy, priorities, and specific action points with any stakeholder or share and explain business objectives with the management team, employees and new hires. You can also use it to develop new business alliances, seek external funding or investments, and apply for business loans.

The Business Plan Development will also be updated and utilized throughout the development of the other elements of the Business Launch Package.

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What’s Included:

Whether you’re starting a new company, growing your business or preparing for your company’s next phase, it’s important to map out the future and plan accordingly. But developing a plan is more than just writing down ideas. It requires research and strategic decision-making. That’s where we come in.

We offer a complete range of professional business planning services tailored to meet your particular needs. Our experienced consultants will work with you to map out a path forward, including developing long-term strategic plans and business models. Business planning services include a thorough assessment of the current situation, analysis of potential future scenarios, and a plan for how to move forward.

  • Executive Summary
  • Competitive Analysis (Industry & Competitor)
  • Company Description
  • Business Model
  • Mission/Goals
  • Products/Services
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Marketing Mix
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Market Forecast
  • Exit Strategy
  • Business/Operating Strategy
  • 5 Forces Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Use of Proceeds
  • Financial Forecast

How it Works

Our team of business planning expert creators will work closely with you and provide crucial guidance from the first step of the process to the last. Our proprietary Startup & Growth Workbook walks you through all of the necessary details of your business idea, gathers the strategic fundamentals, and assists in calculating the needed financials, sales forecast, and growth rates. Completing the workbook is the first step in developing the full business plan. We will work with you to detail each section included in the business plan from the pieces collected in the workbook.

Your business plan in 4 easy steps:

What You Can Expect

Services tailored to your needs, audience, and niche.